A true interest in finance and leadership took her to the role as CEO at Swish

The finance industry is fascinating. That is an opinion that many people within our sector shares. Not least do I. But what is it that is so interesting about finance? Today, after spending more or less my whole life in the branch, I have finally found the answer.

It was already back in high school, studying the economic program, that it became clear it was in the finance industry I would want to work. Straight after my high school graduation I received an offer about a job opening at a bank – and why would I say no, it was all according to plan.

However, after a couple of years I started to reflect about my future. A university grade is rarely something wrong, and in addition I have always enjoyed improving my knowledge. The thoughts finally lead to a combination of full time work at a bank and full time studies at university in sociology.

My great curiosity in people have always been there, parallell to all the other things I have been doing. Therefor, choosing a program in behavioral science within sociology over a program in civil economics felt natural. And sure did I benefit from that choice! As the role as CEO at Swish was announced a couple of years later, and as I had obtained more experience from business- and technology development within the finance industry through work at Swedbank, CGI and Riksbanken, I could not do else but accept the offer as the possibility appeared.

Today I am CEO at Swish, and I think this is the best job I have ever had! However, it is also challenging my leadership skills. After many years as a leader I have learnt that alfa and omega of being a good leader is showing engagement and commitment in my coworker development and at the same time minimizing possible barriers they might encounter. This often leads to me pushing them to step outside of their comfort zones. It is not until we dare to do frightening things that change will come.

I am not a trustee but a problem solver who likes to put myself at the helm. That is also where I can find the answer to my initial question. Finance is the foundation of society. It builds up, holds together and structures our environment, within which we humans affect and are affected. And where would I want to be, as an economist with a great deal of knowledge about IT and behavioral science, if not exactly where I am right now?

/Anna-Lena Wretman, CEO