Get started with Swish

As soon as you’ve connected to Swish via your bank, you’re ready to get started and start receiving payments with Swish. This is how you do it!

Integrate Swish

Integrate Swish yourself

We’ve gathered information on how to integrate Swish in your services on our page for developers.


Integrate Swish using a partner

There are many companies that offer help and support for Swish integration.

Get help

Present Swish

Brand guidelines

Read the guidelines on how to use our brand.

In-store material

Order and display our in-store material in your store.


Download and use the Swish logotype.

QR codes

Generate QR codes for easy payments.

Get informed about operational status

Get informed about planned maintenance and occasional disturbances that might affect the service.

No agreement?

If you haven't got a Swish agreement yet, you can read more about our service to find out which one that suits you best.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I connect my company to Swish for merchants?

You connect to the service by signing an agreement with

How do I receive a payment with my QR code?

Tap the profile icon on the app’s home screen and