Here you can find all the material you need to show your customers that you accept payments via Swish. You can also find our guidelines on how to use our brand.

It’s not allowed to use Swish logotype in external marketing without Getswish approval. If you’d like to do so, please send a request to


Download our guidelines on the Swish brand and how to communicate it in physical and digital environments.

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Swish in physical environment
Swish in digital environment

On our logotype page you can find our logotype in many different formats for both digital and print material. There you can also find our acceptance marks for e- and m-commerce. Go to the logotype page to download everything you need.

Logotype page
Order material

You can order the material below for free from Swish. Send an email to with the following

1. The products you want to order.

2. Number of products.

3. Delivery address.

If you order the in-store kit you also need to add your Swish number.

In-store kit

The in-store kit contains 3 different stickers and 1 poster – all of them with your unique Swish number. You can order 2 kits.


Add your Swish number on the sticker and place it on your storefront. You can order up to 10 stickers.

Business cards

Add your Swish number on the business card and hand it out to your customers. You can order up to 20 business cards.

Get paid with QR codes

Create your own QR codes for even easier and faster payments. Companies, associations and organizations can create one or more QR codes including the Swish number, amount and message. The only thing the customer needs to initiate a payment is to scan the QR code.

Read more and create a QR code
Download material

Download our material to display Swish as your payment method. But, don’t forget to make sure you know how to use Swish as a brand – start by reading our brand guideline above.

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Banners for your webpage, blog or newsletter.


Posters with different messages for your specific situation.

Table displays

Basis for table displays in
different sizes.