Below you can find companies that can help you to implement Swish as a payment alternative.

E- and M-commerce

Here you can find partners that offer platforms integrated with Swish for E- and M-commerce.

QR codes for documents

These partners enables companies to use Swish QR codes on documents such as invoices.

Payment Service Providers (PSP)

Payment Service providers listed in this section support Swish in their platforms and check-out solutions.

Technical suppliers

The easiest solution when you want to use Swish Commerce. By using one of our technical suppliers, you don’t need to handle neither certification or integration. All you need is an agreement with your bank for Swish Commerce. Read more about technical suppliers here.

Checkout system providers

This section lists cash registers which have Swish integration in place.


The partners listed here can offer you integrations with different types of systems, such as checkout systems, CRM, ERP etc.

Member platforms

Member Platforms provide solutions for supporting member management, such as member management for sport clubs.