Company services

Swish offers companies, associations and organizations an easier, faster and more secure way of handling payments.

Swish for merchants

Swish for merchants is suitable for you if you have ecommerce, m-commerce or in-store checkout and want to offer your customers fast mobile payments.

Easier customer journey

With the help of digital functions in your e- or m-commerce, the customer journey becomes both easier and faster. Payments, as well as refunds, are always made immediately.

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Fast confirmations

With our API you get a payment confirmation as soon as a customer has made a payment, and the money reaches you instantly.

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Physical environment

With QR codes you’re able to get paid with Swish in your in-store checkout. Click on the link below to see our recommended customer journeys.

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Swish for companies

Swish for companies is perfect for you if you have a smaller company, an association or an organization and want to offer your customers easy payments without a card reader or a checkout system.

Payments in real time

We make sure that you get the money on your bank account as soon as your customer has made their payment. The payments are made in real time around the clock.

Shorter lines with QR

With QR codes you’re able to speed up the Swish payments even more. You can choose if the customer should enter the
payment details themselves or if they should be prefilled.

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7,1 million customers

Today Swish has 7,1 million users that appreciate swishing their payments. And all of them are your potential customers!

Get started right away!

You connect to Swish for companies and merchants through your bank. Each bank has their own terms and offers, so if you have any questions concerning the agreement you have to contact them.

Contact your bank for agreement

Different banks have different terms and offers, get in touch with your bank to see what applies to you.

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Do you already have a Swish agreement?

Here you can read about how to integrate Swish!

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Partners that support Swish

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Frequently asked questions

How do I connect my company to Swish for merchants?

You connect to the service by signing an agreement with

How does Swish App2App work?

To be able to offer Swish payments between private persons