Forget about the checkout counter - mobile checkout is the new thing

Easier and frictionless customer journeys have been the talk for a while now. At Swish, we are constantly testing new solutions that simplify for both merchants and consumers, and such a solution is Kuarpay’s mobile cash register that we believe will have a significant role in the future for the retail-industry.

A while ago my colleague Magnus wrote a post about that QR-codes are here to stay. Accordingly, we see an increasing amount of solutions where this smart code has been implemented to simplify different types of customer journeys. A solution that we’re testing right now, together with Kuarpay , is a mobile cash register that will change the way small and medium-sized merchants charge.

The idea is simple – in order to get going with Kuarpay you’ll only need two things: a connection to Swish and an internet connection. A central checkout counter is suddenly unnecessary.

The handheld cash register works anywhere, and is simple for both employees and customers to handle. When you want to charge for a product you just scan the barcode for the product, then scan the customer’s QR-code in the Swish app and the customer automatically receives a payment request in his or her phone. A BankID-signing and the purchase is done.

But what happens with the inventory balance? When a merchant receives new products that are to be registered in the stock balance, they simply scan the barcode for the product, fills out price information and the number of this product. The inventory balance is then saved in the cloud, and updates automatically when a product is sold.

The retail industry is currently undergoing a major change where seamless customer journeys and frictionless shopping experiences are A and O. I am absolutely convinced that this type of mobile cash register, which can handle both payments and inventory balance, will make it easier for traders to customize and renew their stores and concept.

/Anders Edlund, business developer