Queen Silvia used Swish to pay for this year’s Majblomman

15/04 - 2019

Every spring, Majblommor are bought for millions of Swedish crowns – with cash. The Swedes have requested a mobile alternative to cash for years, which have now resulted in the launch of Swish as payment method when buying Majblomman. We are happy to see that the queen herself used Swish to pay for her flowers!

Last year, Majblommor were sold for a record sum of 66 million SEK. This year, sales are expected to increase thanks to the possibility of paying with Swish. 

Although things get modernized – such as introducing Swish as an alternative payment method to cash – some traditions are here to stay. Each year in April, Queen Silvia is the first one to buy the colorful flowers.

Majblomman’s secretary general Tove Lindahl tells newspaper Expressen that Silvia bought a whole bunch of flowers and paid for it all with Swish.

We enjoy seeing how even one of the most traditional parts of Swedish culture, the royal family, keep up with the digital development. Swish is here to simplify for everyone, and we are happy to see that the queen can participate and convey that picture.