Swedes prefer to pay with Swish online

14/08 - 2019

According to a recent survey by Kantar Sifo, commissioned by Getswish AB, Swish is now the payment method that Swedes aged 18-40 prefer to use online.

Pär Ekroth, Marketing Manager at Swish: “It’s super fun! The demand for Swish in e-commerce has increased quickly in a short period of time and it is clear that it is the users who drive the behavior”.

Earlier this spring, Kantar Sifo found that young people up to 25 years old preferred to pay with Swish when shopping online. Just a few months later, an updated survey now shows that the age span where Swish is considered the preferred payment method online has broadened from 18-25 to people aged 18-40.

The survey was conducted by Kantar Sifo and is based on a randomly recruited quality panel that is nationally representative with 1200 respondents.