Swish considered to be Sweden’s most sustainable digital brand

12/04 - 2019

We are enjoying good news at the office. The Swedish people have spoken – they have ranked Swish the winner of Sweden’s most sustainable digital brand, a title we are more than proud about to hold. 

The study is conducted annually by the Sustainable Brand Index and intends to examine how consumers perceive different brands and what trends we can see in consumer behavior, all with a focus on sustainability.

– It feels truly honorable to receive this prize. Studies like these are important when it comes to getting brands to become aware of their sustainability work and being able to guide them in the right direction, says Pär Ekroth, marketing manager.

At Swish, we take sustainability seriously and feel thankful about the fact that the Swedes consider Swish to be the most sustainable digital brand – that is proof that we are heading in the right direction.

The study has been conducted during the winter of 2018-2019 and included interviews with 50,000 participating consumers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.