Swish the most popular payment method at Ticketmaster – only a month after the introduction

24/05 - 2019

Consumers wants to be able to choose from several payment methods and demand smoother customer journeys. A company that listened to this trend is Ticketmaster, who since the ending of April offer Swish as a payment method. Just one month after the introduction, Swish stands for just over a third of the purchases made at the ticket vendor.

The number of payments made with Swish has exceeded all expectations. Andreas Bergén, marketing manager at Ticketmaster, says that Swish has been in demand for a long while, but that it would become the most popular payment method in such a short time period is something they could never have imagined.

Swish is especially the preferred payment method when it comes to mobile payments. Up to now, over a third of the purchases are paid through Swish. The trend to pay with one’s mobile phone is particularly evident when buying festival tickets, probably because this type of event is aimed at a younger target group. The younger consumers do almost everything from their smartphones, and put high demands on flexibility in their purchases online. Being able to ”swish” away some money for their ticket in just a simple click seems to be highly appreciated, says Bergén.

Bergén also mentions that they are planning to simplify ticket sales on the spot during upcoming events, with a focus on Swish as the main payment method.

By offering payments via Swish, we can also see that the queues to ticket counters are significantly reduced. A simplified ticket purchase through our app means that you do not have to stand in the queue and can move on straight to the entrance, Bergén continues.

At Swish we are happy to see that Ticketmaster has chosen to offer our payment method. The fact that this has gone so well in such a short time is proof that the service is highly demanded and meets consumers’ need to simplify the way of paying.