Women have a better impression of Swish than of Volvo and Apoteket

07/03 - 2019

Swish is one of three brands with the best overall impression among women, shows a recent study made by YouGov. The study was conducted between February 1st 2018 and January 31st 2019 among 325 Swedish brands.

That young women is the group that uses Swish most frequently and that has the best trust for payment apps is statistics we’ve been aware of since before. Together with new numbers from YouGov, it is becoming even more apparent that women are at the forefront of Swish statistics since they are the one’s with the best overall impression of Swish.

According to the study, Swish is one of three brands of which Swedish women have had the best overall impression during the year that has past. That is, of course, something that we are very happy about!