Two thousand Swish purchases per hour and increased customer satisfaction. That is the result of SJ launching Swish as a payment method.

31/10 - 2019

Every day, 140,000 people choose to travel with one of SJ’s 1200 departures from 284 train stations around our elongated country. With the environment high up on the agenda, the proportion of travelers choosing trains over other modes of transport continues to increase, something that of course places higher demands on the agility of booking a train journey.

At Swish, we are therefore pleased to be able to participate in simplifying that customer journey. We have met Thomas Mann, Head of Booking and Payment at SJ, who talks about how Swish has contributed to increased customer satisfaction and incredible sales spikes:

Already immediately after launch, 18 percent of all purchases at SJ were paid for with Swish. Today, the same figure is 60 percent. In addition, half of the purchases are made on mobile devices, and of these, as much as 70 percent are paid with Swish.

Booking a train journey has never been easier or faster. Mann continues:

The opportunity to pay with Swish has contributed to increased customer satisfaction among our customers, and during peak hours we reach over two thousand Swish purchases per hour – an incredible number!

As a market-leading train operator, SJ links Sweden and Scandinavia’s capitals together, and at the same time works for a sustainable future. We at Swish are therefore extremely happy to play such an important role in their journey.