Operational status

Here you will find operational status about the Swish service and if there is a disturbance or planned maintenance. You can also see information from the last 72 hours.

Current operational status

Disturbances and downtime

When there is a disturbance there is an issue with Swish in one or several banks. This affects using Swish to and from customers of that bank.

When there is downtime, Swish is unavailable and no payments can be sent or received via Swish in one or more services (see below).


To send or receive payments via Swish between private users.


For companies, associations, and organisations that have an agreement of Swish for Business with their bank. For private users this means payments to companies, associations, and organisations where you enter your Swish number manually or by scanning a QR code.


For businesses that have an agreement of Swish for Merchants with their bank. For private users this means payments in online stores or apps via the Swish app. It also includes payments in store where the cash register generates a QR code for the purchase.




Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance

2019-06-30, 00:00 - 2019-06-06, 00:01

Important information for Merchants

The URL to Swish API will be changed June 29, 2018 as Getswish AB is changing its technical partner, which means that the old URL:s and Swish Certificate will stop working. Here you will find more information.

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