Features that simplify

Swish has several functionalities that make payments faster and easier. See how you can simplify your payments below.


Under ”Payments” you will find all of your received and sent payments. By swiping left on a name, you can also send a new payment or add them as a favorite.


Add people you swish often as favorites for faster payments. This way you don’t have to enter their mobile number every time you swish them – just tap their name below the recipient field and the number will be filled in automatically.

Include a card when you swish

When you swish, you can include a card in your payment. You can choose between several illustrations and when the recipient receives the payment, it’s shown as a gift in the app.

Tap ”Pay” and enter recipient, amount and possibly a message – just the way you usually do it. Then you press ”Include a card”.

Browse through the cards, choose the one you’d like to send and tap ”Add card”.

Complete the payment the same way you usually do by approving it with Mobile BankID.



Use QR codes to simplify payments and purchases

Scan a QR code

Swish a friend, make a purchase or pay an invoice with a QR code! As usual, you approve the payments with Mobile BankID. You can also save QR codes where you store your pictures in your phone, to always have them close at hand.

Create a QR code

You find your own QR code in the app. If you want multiple QR codes you can easily create them here on the site. Then you can decide whether a code should contain a fixed amount or a specific message. All your QR codes have an unlimited validity period and can be scanned as many times as you want.