Swish QR codes – private

Pay even easier and faster with QR codes.

This is how Swish QR codes work In the Swish app you You find your

You find your own QR code and a scanner to read other’s codes in the Swish app. Watch the short movie to see how you pay and get paid with QR code.

You can use Swish QR codes at all times

To private persons

To companies

To organizations

To associations

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay with QR?

Scan a QR code with your camera. You can reach

How do I get a QR code?

Your QR code is automatically generated with your mobile number,

Create a custom
QR code

You can generate your own custom QR code on our website.

Want to use QR codes for your company?

We’ve gathered all the information you need as a company.