Swish each other!

Easy, fast and secure payments in your smartphone.

Swish would never call and ask for your personal information or try to access your BankID. If someone does this, hang up immediately. Also contact your bank and the police report the incident and contact your bank.

Swish the payment at all times

Swish your friends

Swish makes every day payments easier. You can for instance use Swish if you and your friends are splitting the bill after a dinner or if you’re collecting money for a gift.

Swish when you shop

You can pay using Swish in many stores, both in-store and online, as well as to thousands of associations and organizations. With Swish on your smartphone you can pay whenever, wherever.

Mobile number instead of account number

With Swish you never have to give out your account number. The only thing you need as a private person is your mobile number, or your Swish number if you use the service as a merchant or a company, association or organization.

Features that simplify


All transactions are saved in order for you to keep track of payments you have sent or received.


Add people you swish often as favorites. This way you don’t have to enter their mobile number every time you swish them.


We’ve gathered all of the charities that offer Swish to make it easy for you to donate money to a cause that is close to your heart.

QR codes

QR codes make the payments even faster. The payment details are filled in automatically when you scan a QR-code, and the only thing you need to do is to approve it with Mobile BankID.

Swish is safe

You approve payments in Swish with Mobile BankID. It’s as easy and safe as in your internet or mobile bank.

Visible receiver

Before you approve the payment, the receiver’s full name and amount are shown. Check that the money will be sent to the right receiver before the payment is sent, and cancel it if something’s wrong.

Mobile BankID

Swish payments require Mobile BankID. This way we can guarantee you a high level of security.

Immediate confirmation

As soon as a payment is completed you get a confirmation, and when you receive a payment you instantly get a notification. All transactions are also stored in the app.

Swish – a collaboration

Swish is a collaboration between Sweden’s largest banks that have extensive experience of handling payments in a secure way.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I change mobile number?

Then you need to unlink your old mobile number and

What is the maximum amount I can swish?

The regulations for the maximum amount and how much it’s

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