How do I swish a favorite?

Either you tap the person’s name below the payee field when swishing, or you can go to “Favorites” and swipe left on the person you want to swish to. Choose “New payment”, then fill in the amount and approve the payment as usual.

Can I change the order of my favorites?

Yes, you can. Go to your profile in the app and choose “Favorites”. Tap and hold the favorite you want to move and re-order by dragging it where you want it to be.

How many favorites can I have?

You can have 10 favorites.

Can I add a company, an association or organization as a favorite?

Yes, you can!

How do I remove a favorite?

Swipe left on the favorite and choose “Remove”, then the person is immediately removed from your list.

How do I add a favorite?

You can do this in several ways. You can go to your profile in the app and tap ”Favorites”. Choose “New favorite” and search for the person you want to add. You can also add someone you’ve recently swished through “Payments”. Swipe left on the person you want to add and tap “Add favorite”. Additionally, you can add a new favorite when making a payment by tapping “New favorite” below the payee field.

What is a “favorite”?

A favorite is preferably someone that you swish often. You choose which contacts you want to be your favorites and they’re always accessible when you want to swish.


I want to close my Swish account, how do I do that?

We’re sorry to hear that. If there’s anything we can do to change your mind, please reach out to us. If not, you can close your account via your bank.

Why does the Swish app request access to my camera?

The app needs access to your camera to scan QR codes.

I have a new phone, how do I continue swishing?

If you’ve kept your old mobile number you just need to download and activate the Swish app in your new phone. However, if you’ve changed your mobile number you first have to unlink your old one and then link your new.

What happens if I change mobile number?

Then you need to unlink your old mobile number and link your new one. That’s easily done in your internet bank. When that’s done you’ll have to activate the app again and update it with the correct information.

I’ve changed bank, what happens with Swish?

As long as you keep your old mobile number, you only need to link your new bank account to Swish. This will automatically unlink your old account. Then you’ll need to activate the app again and update it with the correct information.

How do I sign out from the Swish app?

You’re only signed in to the app when you’ve signed in with Mobile BankID. You’re automatically signed out after 3 minutes, but you can also go to your profile and tap “Sign out”.


I can’t find the answer to my question, what should I do?

Then you’re welcome to contact our customer service. If your question regards a transaction or Mobile BankID you need to contact your bank.

I have an iPhone work phone, why can’t I access my contacts in Swish?

Because of GDPR, Apple has implemented a new policy for iOS 11.3 that concerns app access to contacts. This might affect your ability to access your contacts in your Swish app. The reason for that is that your company administrates their work phones centrally through a Mobile Device Management System (MDM system). If the Swish app isn’t approved by your company or if it’s not in their internal MDM system, it affects the access to that data. To resolve this you need to get in touch with your IT department, since we at Getswish unfortunately can’t help you.

I’ve forgotten my code to Mobile BankID, how do I get a new one?

Since you’re the only one that knows your code, you can’t receive the same code again. If you’ve forgotten the code you need to block your old Mobile BankID and request a new one, which you do through your bank.

Mobile BankID isn’t working, what should I do?

It’s probably because your Mobile BankID’s validation period has expired. Request a new one through your internet bank!

The Swish app isn’t working, what should I do?

Then we recommend doing this:

• Double check that you have the latest version of the app.
• Make sure you’ve allowed the app to access mobile data.
• Quit the app and restart it again.
• Restart your phone.

If none of this works, you need to contact your bank for help.

What if I can’t scan a QR code?

Probably you haven’t allowed the app to access to your camera. Go to your phone’s settings and allow camera access. Then try scanning again!

Does the Swish app work without internet access?

No, the app needs internet access to function.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while swishing?

That depends on when you lose the connection during the transaction. You can check if the payment was sent under “Payments” in the app or in your bank account.

I accidentally swished the wrong number, how do I get my money back?

In this case, you should always contact the recipient of the payment to ask them to swish the money back. If that doesn’t work you can contact your bank. If you still don’t receive your money back, you can file a police report.

I’ve made a Swish payment but the recipient hasn’t received it, what should I do?

Start by double checking that the money has been withdrawn from your account, either under “Payments” in the Swish app or in your bank account. It’s also good to make sure that the recipient’s mobile number match the number you sent the payment to. If you still feel that something went wrong you need to contact your bank.


Can I save my QR code somewhere else than in the app?

Yes, you can. Tap your QR code in the app and then the share icon. There you’ll be able to choose between several ways of saving and sending the code.

How long is my QR code valid?

It has unlimited validity and can be read an infinite number of times.

How do I receive a payment with my QR code?

Tap the profile icon on the app’s home screen and show the code to the one that’s about to pay. This way the person can enter which amount to pay. If you want a code with a prefilled amount and message you can easily generate one at

How do I pay with QR code?

Tap ”Pay” in the app and swipe down on the camera icon that’s shown on top of the page. Point the camera towards the QR code and make sure that it’s shown in the window. Then approve the payment with Mobile BankID as usual.

What does it cost to pay or get paid with QR code?

It’s free!

How do I get a QR code?

Your QR code is automatically generated with your mobile number, so you don’t have to create it yourself. Your personal QR code is the one you see in the app. If you want more QR codes you can create them at There you can also decide whether a code should include a fixed amount or a specific message.

What is a Swish QR code?

It’s a two-dimensional barcode that is read by the built-in QR scanner in the Swish app.

QR codes


What should I do if I’ve lost my phone?

Block your Mobile BankID, then it’s no longer possible to swish.

How is my personal information handled?

Information about you as a bank customer and your transactions are only handled by your bank. If you want to read our Privacy Policy, click here.

Can anyone block me?

No, a person can only block you if you’ve swished them.

Where can I find my blocked senders in the app?

They are gathered in your profile. If there’s no option that says “Blocked senders” in the menu, it’s because you haven’t blocked anyone.

How do I unblock someone in Swish?

Go to “Settings” in the app and choose “Blocked senders”. Tap the name you want to unblock and choose “Unblock”.

Does the person get notified when I’ve blocked them?

They person will only know that you have blocked them if they try to swish you again. Then a message will be shown in their app, informing that you’ve chosen to no longer receive any payments from the person.

How do I block someone from swishing me?

Go to a payment that you’ve received from the person you want to block. Tap the more options icon in the top right corner and choose “Block sender”. This blocks the personal number connected to the mobile number, which prevents the person to swish you even if they change numbers.

What should I keep in mind when paying with Swish on e.g. Blocket or Tradera?

We guarantee that your Swish payment reaches the payee you’ve entered, but it might be good to know that you’re not covered by any buyer protection via Swish. If a problem occurs, you’re responsible for contacting the seller to find a solution.

How can I be sure that a payment confirmation someone shows me is real?

If you want to be sure that the confirmation is real, you should ask to touch the screen. Our payment confirmations are animated, so if you tap the green part of the screen and the picture is moving – then you know it’s real.

Can I approve a payment with Touch ID and Face ID?

That primarily depends on if your phone’s or tablet’s operating system and version support this. In addition, each bank decides which security solutions that are approved.

How secure is Swish?

We use Mobile BankID to ensure security. As long as you don’t reveal your security code or let anyone use your Swish, you can feel completely safe.

What should I do if I’m exposed to Swish stalking?

We advise you to contact the police to file a report. For your safety, we also recommend that you block the person in your app. Go to a payment that you’ve received from the person stalking you, tap the more options icon in the right corner and choose “Block sender”. Then they will no longer be able to send you payments.

Get Swish

How do I get Swish?

You register for Swish where you usually manage your online banking services. You link your mobile number to your bank account and then you will be able to receive money through Swish. In order to also send money you need to download the Swish app on your phone and activate it with Mobile BankID.
Get started with Swish!

Where do I find the Swish app in App Store/Google Play/Windows Store?

Use the search function and search for “Swish”. In App Store and Google Play the app’s name is ”Swish betalningar”, and in Windows Store it’s called ”Swish Betallösning”.

How old do I need to be to be able to use the service?

Each bank has their own terms for how old you need to be to get Swish. Get in touch with your bank to see what applies there.

If I want to link a mobile number that, for example, my parents or my employer owns, would that work?

Yes that’s fine – as long as you link the number to your own bank account.

I have a foreign mobile number, can I register for Swish?

The banks have different regulations for registering foreign mobile numbers to Swish, so it’s best to contact your bank to see how they do.

Do I need a smartphone or a tablet to get Swish?

No, but if you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet you’re only able to receive Swish payments. If you also want to send payments, you need to download the Swish and Mobile BankID apps which requires a smartphone or a tablet.

What kind of devices does Swish work on?

For Swish to work, you need a phone or a tablet with one of the operating systems below.
Android: Operating system 5.0 or later.
iOS: Operating system 9.0 or later.
Windows: Operating system 10 or later.

Does Swish cost anything?

It’s free to get Swish for private persons, and it never costs anything to send or receive money.

Send and receive money

How long can the recipient see the card?

The card is shown for 12 months in the app, just as your regular payments.

How is the card shown to the recipient?

When the recipient opens the Swish payment it’s shown as a gift. The gift contains the amount and message which can be unwrapped by tapping it.

How do I include a card in a payment?

Below the fields for payee, amount and message you tap “Include a card”. Browse through the cards, choose one and tap “Add card”. Write your own message or keep the prefilled one and then tap “Done”. Approve the payment with Mobile BankID as usual and then you’re finished!

How do I choose a payee for my payment?

You can easily search for a name within your phone contacts by tapping the plus icon. You can also manually enter the payee’s mobile number in the field. If you’ve added the person you’re about to swish as a favorite, you can tap their name shown below the payee field.

If I have several bank accounts, can I swish between my own accounts?

Yes, as long as you have different mobile numbers linked to the bank accounts. Your mobile number can only be linked to one bank account.

How can I be sure the payment is sent to the right payee?

After entering the payee and amount, you need to approve your payment with Mobile BankID. This will show the recipient’s name and mobile number on the screen. As long as these details match the person you want to swish to, you can be sure that the right person is receiving the payment.

How do I know that the money I’ve swished has reached the payee?

The simplest answer is that you know that the money has reached the payee when you see the confirmation in the app, which is the same time as when they get a notification about the payment in their app. You can find your completed payments in your Swish app under “Payments” and in your bank account.

Can I swish when I’m abroad?

Yes, that doesn’t affect your possibilities to swish. However, additional costs for data traffic may apply when you’re abroad.

What happens if I send money to someone that doesn’t have Swish?

Nothing – it’s not possible to swish someone that doesn’t have Swish. If you enter a number that’s not connected to Swish you’ll receive an error message that the payment has failed.

How fast does a Swish payment reach the payee’s account?

All transactions are made in real time around the clock. It doesn’t take longer than a few seconds before the money reaches the payee.

What happens if I try to swish more money that I have in my account?

You can never swish more than what’s available in your bank account at that moment. If you try to do that, you’ll receive an error message that the payment has failed.

What is the maximum amount I can swish?

The regulations for the maximum amount and how much it’s possible to swish per week varies from bank to bank. Log into your internet or mobile bank to see and change your settings.

Swish API

Swish number

Swish App

Swish to companies, associations and organizations

What should I do if I want to cancel an order I’ve paid with Swish?

Then you need to contact the company that you made your purchase from – they are the ones that can refund you. You’ll find your refund in the Swish app with your incoming payments and on your bank account.

Do I pay any fees when paying to a company, an association or an organization?

No, it’s free for private persons to swish.

Do I get a receipt when I pay to a company, an association or an organization?

No you don’t, but you always get a confirmation that the payment has been completed. It’s the company, association or organization that can provide you with receipt for your purchase.

Why don’t I get payment information in my Swish app when I’m trying to pay in an online store/app?

There are a few common reasons for that. Try this:

• Make sure you’ve updated the Swish app to the latest version, which is version 4.0. If you haven’t, update it on App Store, Google Play or Windows Store depending on which phone you got.
• Make sure you have internet access on your phone, either via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
• Make sure you’ve entered your mobile number correctly in the online store/app.
• Make sure there’s no operational disturbance affecting the possibility to pay, which you can check on

If it’s still not working, you need to contact the company you’re trying to shop from.

How do I pay to companies, associations and organizations?

This is how you swish to a company, an association or an organization: Either you swish to their Swish number or you scan their QR code.

This is how you pay with Swish online: After choosing Swish as your payment method, enter your mobile number and open the Swish app in your phone. When the app opens, the amount and payee will be shown, and you approve the payment with Mobile BankID as usual. Then you’ll receive a confirmation that the payment has been completed both in the app and in the online store.

Can I pay with Swish in a physical store?

Yes, if the store is connected to Swish you can pay them the same way you swish a private person. If the store offers QR payment you can also pay by scanning their QR code.


Which payment service providers or technical partners can I connect through?

At you can find a list with companies that has integration towards Swish for commerce and can offer your company a simple connection to the service.

Can I use Swish for commerce in my physical store?

Swish for commerce is suitable for e- and m-commerce but there are no limitations for using it in your physical store as well.

Can foreign business sign an agreement for Swish?

Yes, all businesses that meet the criteria to become a customer in a Swedish bank can sign an agreement. The service only handles payments made in SEK.

Can I connect through my payment service provider or technical partner?

Yes, that is no problem. As soon as you signed an agreement for Swish with your bank and have access to Swish API and the security certificate your payment service provider or technical partner will handle the connection. To make the connection easier you can choose to give the payment service provider or technical partner authority to handle you security certificate.

Can I connect to Swish for commerce through another part?

No, you need to sign an agreement directly with you bank. It is important that it is your/the company’s name that is shown to the consumer when he or she is handling the payment. It is a part of the Swish security that you always know who you’re paying.
For the technical aspects, to connect to the Swish API, you can use help from another part. However the payments will always go to and from your bank account.

Are there any specific demands for signing an agreement with Swish for commerce?

There are demands on who can sign agreements for this service in the same way there are when signing agreements for cards and direct payments. To know more, check you banks website.

What does Swish for commerce cost for me as a business?

Each bank got their own customer quotation and price list towards their customers, you can find more information on your banks website.

Which bank offers this service right now?

Swish for commerce is now offered by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea and Swedbank and by Sparbankerna. Länsförsäkringar and SEB are planning to launch the service later on.

How do I connect my company to the Swish service?

Contact your bank to sign an agreement on the service thereafter you can connect to Swish API, either directly or through a technical partner.

How can my organisation receive gifts with Swish?

Talk to your organisation’s bank and they can help you. To get a red confirmation with a heart it’s necessary that the organisation has a 90-account.

After connection, how long does it take before the service can be used?

You can start to receive payments immediately after connection has been approved and you have received your Swish number with the prefix 123.

Will companies, associations and organisations use the Swish app?

No, there isn’t a Swish app for companies, associations and organisations. Payments received can be seen immediately in online or mobile banking services, depending on what the bank offers.

Will all banks connected to Swish offer the service to companies, associations and organisations?

Each bank decides whether to offer the service. Please contact your bank if you have questions regarding their offers.

Is there a fee to use Swish?

Each bank have its own customer offering and pricing. Contact your bank for more information.

How do I connect my company, association or organisation to Swish?

Contact your bank to connect to the service and for more information.

How does the service work for companies?

Connected companies, associations and organisations receive a unique Swish number. This number is connected to the recipient’s payment account. Private individuals use their Swish app to make a payment, registering the Swish number, amount and an optional message. An approved payment is immediately credited to the account connected to the Swish number.

Who is the service suitable for?

The service is suitable for companies, associations and organisations that receive payments from private individuals and want a service in addition to cash payments and other traditional methods of payment.

What is Swish for companies, associations and organisations?

Swish is a mobile payment service which makes it possible for legal entities, self-employed persons, associations and organisations to accept Swish payments from private individuals. Payments are immediately credited to the recipient’s account, at any time of the day, all the year round.


Are there any amount limitations for Swish for commerce?

No amount limitations for the recipients company are planned for. Each bank decides the amount limitation for the Swish-payments for their private costumers. The maximum amount per transaction is 150 000 SEK.

Is it possible to have other currencies in Swish?

No, Swish is only adjusted for SEK.

How is the Swish-payment declared on my account?

With Swish the transactions is happening in real-time, at all hours and is deposited directly into your bank account. It differs between the banks how the transactions is declared, so for more information visit your banks website.

Is it possible to make refunds?

Yes, it’s possible to make a refund on the whole or parts of the earlier made Swish payment. When making the refund controls on the following thing will be made:

  • there is an original Swish payment
  • the original amount is not exceeded
  • the consumer, who’s the receiver of the refund, still have the same mobile phone number connected to Swish as to when the original payment was made
  • that more than 12 months has not past since the original payment was made

You can make refund payments through the Swish API. Some banks will also offer this function in their different bank channels.

How do I know I have received my payment?

With Swish for commerce you will send a payment request to the consumers Swish-app through the Swish API. When the payment has been made you will receive a confirmation through API.

The payment through Swish will be visible on your bank account. Within the banks own consumer offers there might be other solutions on the payment confirmation that they offer.

Why does the confirmation look different when I swish to a charitable organisation?

When you swish to an organisation with a 90-account, you get a red confirmation with a heart as a thank you for your gift.

Is the recipient name that appears when I sign always the same as the name of the company, association or organization I am sending money to?

The recipient name shown in the app is the legal name submitted to the bank. Sometimes that name differs from the name that the company, association or organization has chosen to communicate outwards – but it is still the same receiver.

How quickly does money arrive in your account?

The payment is credited to the recipient’s account in a matter of seconds.

Do customers who pay with Swish receive written receipts?

The customer gets a confirmation of payment in the Swish app. This is not the same as a receipt. A receipt of purchase is provided by the company, association or organisation.

How does the customer see that payment has been made?

When a private customer has approved the payment, he or she immediately receives confirmation that the payment has been made in their Swish app. The payment is also saved in “events” together with payment information.

How can we see that the customer has paid?

A few seconds after the customer has approved the payment it will be visible in the bank account of the company, association or organisation. Every bank has its own offering. Contact your bank for more information.

How much money can a customer pay?

The banks and private individuals may have different amount limits depending on what they have decided. However, no payment can exceed SEK 150,000.




Why can’t I access my contact list in Swish on my company phone (iPhone)?

In an update for iOS 11.3 because of GDPR, Apple has a new policy regarding access from third party apps to the contact list. This may prevent you from accessing your contacts from the Swish app if you have a company phone. This is because your company administrates phones through a central MDM-system (Mobile Device Management System). This means that apps that haven’t been approved by the administrator, or are part of the selection of available apps in the internal MDM-system, are not authorised to access this data. To solve the issue, contact the IT department in your organisation. Unfortunately, there is no possibility for Getswish to solve this issue.


QR codes

In which situations can I use a Swish QR Code to receive a payment?

Simply put – in any situation that you wish to use Swish as a payment method. At the cash register, on the
door to your business or in any situation when you wish to simplify the payment process for your customer.
You can generate unique QR Codes, for example for invoices and for purchases via your terminal. You can
find more information here .

Choose between dynamic or locked QR Codes. Dynamic QR Codes can only contain your Swish number and
lets the customer fill out the amount and a message. If you choose to use Swish QR Codes as a payment
method for your invoice or to integrate Swish QR Codes with your terminal it is important that both the
amount and the message or invoice number is correct. Therefore, when creating the QR Code, make sure
that no fields are changeable.

Here you can create Swish QR Codes.

Do I have to pay extra to create or scan a QR Code for Swish?

No this function does not cost extra

For how long is a QR Code valid?

The QR Codes are valid for an unlimited amount of time and can be scanned any number of times.

How does a payment with a QR Code work?

The customer opens the QR Code page in the Swish app and chooses “Scan Code” which will initiate a payment when the phone is placed in front of a QR Code. When the customer has scanned the code the payment page will be automatically filled out with information from the QR Code. The customer will approve by clicking “pay” and sign the payment with Mobile BankID.

In which situations can we use a Swish QR Code to receive a payment?

Simplified – in any situation. For example, by the checkout counter, either by a set amount if you have few and simple products or by just including your Swish number and a changeable amount if your customers usually buy a few different products.


If you choose to use Swish QR Codes as a payment method for your invoice it is important that both the amount and the message or invoice number is correct. Therefore, when creating the QR Code, make sure it is not changeable.

Which information can be included in a Swish QR Code?

In the QR Code the information that the customer normally fills out in the payment page in the Swish app will be included.

  1. Swish number
  2. Amount
  3. Message, payment reference

The QR Code always have to contain the receiving Swish number, information about the amount and the message can be changeable if you wish. You can choose if you want the customer to be able to change amount and message or if you would like these fields to be locked.

How do we create Swish QR Codes?

  1. If you wish to create one or more QR codes you can do so in the QR Code Generator on our website. There you will specify which information you want the codes to include. You can also create posters with the code.
  2. If you wish to create multiple QR codes we recommend that you call on the QR Code Generator and specify which information you would like the code to contain and in which format you would like it delivered. You will find more information in the document “Guide Swish Code Design Specifications” at
  3. If you are already using QR codes you can adjust your existing codes for Swish. You will find more information in the document “Guide Swish Code Design Specifications” at

Which are the benefits for us as a company?

By using Swish QR Codes you will make it easier for your customer to pay through Swish. The payment is easier and quicker since the Swish number always is included in the code, which eliminates one step in the payment process. You can also choose to include information about the amount and a message to make the payment process even more simple.

Which companies can use Swish QR Codes to receive payments?

All companies and organisations which are connected to “Swish Företag” (Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea and SEB) or “Swish för företag” (Swedbank). At the moment Swish QR Codes is not available for companies connected to “Swish Handel” for e- or m-commerce.

How does QR Codes work?

With the new function you can use the Swish app to scan a QR Code (QR is short for Quick Response) to fill out the information on the payment page and automatically initiate a payment. With QR Codes you do not have to fill out the payment information manually. You can also create your own code that you can use to initiate a payment.


Get Swish

Send and receive money

Swish API

How does Swish App to App (App2App) work?

To be able to use Swish-payments between private persons or from private persons to companies you need to integrate your application against the Swish App2App API

To get access to Swish APp2App API you have to register on our webpage for developers here. Swish App2App is used like this:

  • The payee (private person) and receiver register their mobile number (Swish-number if the receiver is a company) in your app for them to be able to make payments with Swish.
  • The payee choose to pay with Swish inside of your app by clicking on the Swish-logo
  • Your app opens and pre-fill the payee’s Swish-application with the mobile – or Swish-number, amount (optional) and payment message (optional) of the receiver
  • The payee must check the information and possibly add amount and payment message
  • The payee accepts and sign with Mobilt BankID as usual
  • The payee close the Swish-application by clicking on the cross and will then go back to your app
  • Through the Swish App2App API you will get information about the payment statuses; sent, denied or unknown

Which test tools are available?

Our test tool includes:

  • Merchant Swish Simulator – A server application that simulates the commerce interaction with Swish API. It can answer the calls to Swish API and return the correct formatted return messages and also the error messages.
  • Test certificate – Client certificate and Swish API server certificate for test.

Go to to download the guide for the test tool and the two test certificate that you will need.

Who can I contact to get support with the connection of Swish API?

Contact your bank for support

Which technical demands lies on me as a business?

Swish API is built for standardized technics for e-commerce: REST-API, digital certificate and TLS. No special products are needed.

How do I connect to Swish API?

You can find all the steps that you will need to do in order to connect to our API in our guide Swish API (Integration Guide). You can find it at

Will there be any statistic or reporting tools available?

Through the Swish API there will not be any tools for statistics or reporting, but it can be available both through the banks and the payment service consumer offers.

Swish number

What happens in the event of changing banks?

If you change banks, it is possible to transfer your Swish number to the new bank, assuming that the bank offers the Swish service.

Is it possible to choose a Swish number?

No, the numbers are allocated randomly and cannot be transferred. However, charitable organisations with a 90 account can choose to use the number as their Swish number.

Is it possible to have additional Swish numbers?

Yes. The number varies between the banks. Contact your bank for more information.

What is the format of the Swish number?

A Swish number looks like a mobile phone number and consists of 10 digits prefixed by 123. For example, 123-111 11 11.

Charitable organisations with a so-called 90 account can choose to use the number as their Swish number. In such case, the number will have the format 123 – 90X XX XX.

Swish App

Have ‘History’ and ‘New payment’ disappeared from the Events list?

No. Swipe your finger from right to left on the event or tap on it to see the options.

Have the function of sending text messages from the app disappeared?

Yes. As the text message function served the same purpose as the function of the app’s push notifications, we chose to remove the possibility of sending text messages from the app.

Swish to companies, associations and organizations