Swish at e-commerce event SEBC 2019

Good ideas are born out of market intelligence and trend spotting. Attending and participating in the discussion about the future of Swedish trade is therefore a given. Our coworker Sofia Norén recently attended the e-commerce event SEBC 2019, from which she here shares her thoughts and insights.

Since this is a clearly niched e-commerce event, the main focus was on the combination of digital and physical market places, or as some would rather call it: seamless customer experiences or “unified commerce”. A dear child has many names, but the thoughts of it aren’t new. However, few have succeeded in creating completely seamless customer experiences – customer journeys where the boundaries between what you do in your phone and what you do in a physical room are erased and experienced as one and the same journey.

Neither do any of the speakers seem to have any concrete answer to what constitutes the perfect seamless customer experience. However, another read thread runs through their presentations – the importance of collaborations and partners. The quote “alone is not strong” feels suitable, because that is exactly the point being made here. Disruptive innovation and new ideas are created by joint work. Work that crosses boundaries, prefereably in the form of unexpected partnerships.

This is exactly what has created some of our most exciting companies and solutions today, and Swish is no exception. Swish is the result of a, to say the least, unexpected partnership between some of Sweden’s biggest banks. A collaboration where the joint vision was to create a new payment solution that would simplify people’s everyday. The same applies to services such as Airbnb and Uber – the combination of already existing solutions and new ideas in a foiled format can achieve unexpected heights.

At Swish, partnership is alfa and omega. We have created an open platform where we encourages companies, entrepreneurs and innovators to innovate together with us. Alone is not strong, and diversity and cooperation is what leads us into the future.

If you or your company have an idea that you would like to implement together with us, don’t hesitate to contact me!

/Sofia Norén, communication and growth manager

Contact: sofia.noren@getswish.se