Get started with Swish for merchants

Step-by-step guide on how to get started with Swish fort merchants

Step 1 - Agreement with your bank

  • Double-check that you have received the correct agreement from your bank – the correct one is Swish for merchants
  • Verify that you have named your certificate manager (CPOC) in the agreement
  • Verify the credentials in the agreement and note how they are written:
    • Social security number: YYYYmmddnnnn
    • Corporate identity number: xxxxxxxxxx
    • Swish number: 123xxxxxxx

Step 2 - Integrate Swish for merchants

Do you need help to integrate Swish for merchants?
Please see our complete list of verified partners below

Do you want to integrate Swish for merchants by yourself?
Please visit the Swish developer website for code examples

Step 3 - Generate certificate

  • Go to the Swish certificate manager:
  • Fill in your credentials
  • Sign in using BankID
  • Click the tab “new certificate”
  • Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in your own application or system (visit our guide below)
  • Paste the CSR (long text) into the box
  • Choose the PEM format
  • Press “generate”
  • Download or copy the certificate
  • Install the certificate on your server

Steg 4 - Verify the service

Merchant Swish Simulator
Verify the service using Merchant Swish Simulator (MSS). Please see the guide below

Verify in production
For example by paying 1 SEK with Swish

Partners that support Swish

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