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Congratulations to Swish on the 7th birthday!

Seven years that feel like an eternity. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that there was a time before Swish. A time when people had to count coins and use notes to split equal at the restaurant. A time when you had to stop by the nearest ATM before buying a second hand furniture from someone. A time when every bank transfer to dad, daughter or friend required planning in order to arrive on time. To honor our 7th anniversary we take a deep dive into Swish’ history and highlight a few milestones well worth celebrating.

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The swedes opinion about Swish 2019

This december it’s been seven years since Swish first saw the light of day. Since then it’s been a joy for us to follow how the app has been received. Here are four market reports investigating how Swish status is on the market right now.

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Read our five key takeaways from Sibos 2019

A world linked together by payment solutions? Yes, perhaps! At least if you are to believe the speakers at the Sibos 2019 event in London. In an increasingly competitive landscape, among unpredictable political pressures and with security threats in terms of technology and information management, data and collaboration seem to be the keys to success. Swish CEO Anna-Lena Wretman, product owner Magnus Lageson and business developer Patrik Centellini were there and have shared the five most important insights with us.

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PSD2 - what is it and what does it mean to Swish users?

Recently, the new EU directive PSD2 came into force, but like many other regulations it can be a tricky path to follow. Read our brief explanation of the new directive and what it means for users of Swish.

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The history behind the name Swish

Our previous story about how the idea of Swish came about was a great success. We have continued walking along memory lane, and now we want to share the story behind the name of the app. From a cup that overturned in the meeting room at Regeringsgatan back in 2012, to the entry on SAOL’s new word list 2015, and to today being a completely natural part of seven million Swedes’ everyday lives.

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Summer greetings from Swish

The Midsummer weekend is over, and we have now officially started the summer which probably is the Swedes’ most appreciated season. The summer reminds us that we are worth a break. But it also gives us time to reflect on everything we managed to achieve in the first half of 2019.

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Mobile cash registers - a new way of charging products

Easier and frictionless customer journeys have been the talk for a while now. At Swish, we are constantly testing new solutions that simplify for both merchants and consumers, and such a solution is Kuarpay’s mobile cash register that we believe will have a significant role in the future for the retail-industry.

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Swish at e-commerce event SEBC 2019

Good ideas are born out of market intelligence and trend spotting. Attending and participating in the discussion about the future of Swedish trade is therefore a given. Our coworker Sofia Norén recently attended the e-commerce event SEBC 2019, from which she here shares her thoughts and insights.

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A true interest in finance and leadership took her to the role as CEO at Swish

The finance industry is fascinating. That is an opinion that many people within our sector shares. Not least do I. But what is it that is so interesting about finance? Today, after spending more or less my whole life in the branch, I have finally found the answer.

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QR - here to stay

QR-codes are not a new phenomenon. The fact is that the technology behind it has existed since 1994. But it’s not until now, 25 years later, that its use has really grown in popularity. In this article Magnus Lageson, product owner at Swish, shares his thoughts on the benefits of using these square codes, and on why he predicts a bright future for them.

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Swish - a 10 year old idea

Ten years ago, nine people gathered in front of a whiteboard in one of Bankföreningens rooms at Regeringsgatan. The topic of the day was “Business image: Credit Transfer Remote Person to Person” a sentence that later became what people know as Swish. Our business developer, Edvind Nygaard, was one of the people in the room.

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Swish at South by Southwest (SXSW)

Just as many companies operating in the digital innovation industry, Swish too went to get inspired by new payment solutions, AI and data during the SXSW conference in Austin. And just as many other visitors, we were able to bring with us many new perspectives back to Sweden. Read the blog post where our marketing manager Pär Ekroth shares his main insights from the event.

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Welcome to our world

Most people know that the banks jointly developed the idea of a mobile payment method and that the connection to Swish is managed through one’s bank. But despite our strong brand, relatively few know about the people behind Swish and what happens in our industry.

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Are you, just as we, also curious about future payment solutions? Good, then you’re at the right place. As Swish grows, the need for transparency and accessibility increases. Therefore, we have gathered everything you need to know about us and the payments industry in one place. On this page we let you take part of our trend spottings and insights, and let you follow behind the scenes of one of Sweden’s most recommended brands.

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