Congratulations to Swish on the 7th birthday!

Seven years that feel like an eternity. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that there was a time before Swish. A time when people had to count coins and use notes to split equal at the restaurant. A time when you had to stop by the nearest ATM before buying a second hand furniture from someone. A time when every bank transfer to dad, daughter or friend required planning in order to arrive on time. To honor our 7th anniversary we take a deep dive into Swish’ history and highlight a few milestones well worth celebrating.


Swish – a ten year old idea

It was ten years ago that the idea for Swish was discussed for the first time over a cup of coffee at Regeringsgatan in Stockholm – a much appreciated story that we shared in a previous blog post. Three years later, on December 12, 2012 at 12:12, the idea had been packaged and visualized, and was launched to the public.

A rapid development

In March 2014, the first milestone was reached by 1 million private users. Just three months after that, Swish was launched for companies and organizations, which made all the flea market lovers and association managers around our elongated country rejoice. Three years later the next big change, Swish for commerce, was launched, which meant the start of being able to pay with Swish to web shops and in physical stores. A sought-after opportunity, it would show. Today, almost 40 percent of all Swish payments go to companies – a fantastic development in a few years!

Payments between private users still most common

But it is still payments between individuals that the app is most used for. Today, 1000 Swish payments are sent between individuals every “awake” minute, and 30 million Swish payments every month. It is clear that Swish has become a natural part of Swedes’ everyday lives, and we have almost been spoiled with awards such as “The Most Meaningful Digital Brand of the Year” (Lynxeye) and “Sweden’s Most Recommended Brand” (Yougov).

Our users hold the helm

It’s easy to stare blindly at the amazing numbers and awards. But what really warms our hearts are the amazing words we hear from our users every other day. Comments like “probably the most useful app that ever existed” and “what did you do before Swish?” are the reason we got where we are today. With your feedback, we can continue to develop Swish to simplify people’s everyday lives, every day.
So when you look at where we are today, seven years and seven million users later, the milestone of 1 million private users quickly fades away. Here at the Swish office, we have plenty to prepare for the new year and new milestones. What do you think will be the next milestone?
Pär Ekroth, marketing manager

December 12, 2012