The swedes opinion about Swish 2019

This december it’s been seven years since Swish first saw the light of day. Since then, it’s been a pleasure to follow the reception of the app among our users. Here we share four market reports on Swish status on the market right now.
The third most used payment method online

According to DIBS Swedish E-market 2019, Swish shows a 4 percent increase on the question about what the most common payment method online is. 41 percent of the respondents had used the app at least once during the last three months, which made Swish the third most used payment method. In addition, Swish was considered to be both the easiest and the fastest one of the different payment methods available.

Ten times more users since 2015

“Svenskarna och Internet” is a yearly report which investigates the Swedes’ online habits. According to the study, the usage of Swish has increased by more than double since 2015. 78% of the population older than the age of 12 is using Swish. The target group where Swish is fastest growing is among people over the age of 65. Ten times more users are 65 or older than they were in 2015, which partly has to do with the users of Swish growing older.

Sweden’s most recommended brand

Recently we received very pleasant numbers from YouGovs Brand Index, who have looked at the most recommended Swedish companies and brands. Swish ended up on a first place on the list. This means that Swish users are a happy crowd of ambassadeurs who are willing to recommend the app further to their friends and family.

Sweden’s most purposeful brand

Finally we also received Lynxeyes yearly report of Sweden’s most purposeful brands. The study consists of 1500 responders getting to choose which brand they best associate with sentences about responsibility and innovation. For the second year in a row, Swish ended up on a honoring first place among the digital brands – we couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift!

This is how the responding answered:
  • 41% had used Swish during the last 3 months (DIBS)
  • 62% found Swish easy (DIBS)
  • 48% found Swish fast (DIBS)
  • 78% of people above the age of 12 is using Swish (Internetstiftelsen)
  • 49% of the population above 65 is using Swish (Internetstiftelsen)
  • 71% of the users would recommend Swish to others (YouGov)