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Most Swedes know that the banks jointly developed the idea of a mobile payment method and that the connection to Swish is managed through one’s bank. But despite our strong brand, relatively few know about the people behind Swish and what happens in our industry. That is why we have launched our own Swish Stories platform where we will share insights, trend reports and let you follow us behind the scenes.

Swish attracts a great interest both in- and outside Sweden and we are often invited to seminars and conferences to talk about Swish’ incredible journey, how we work and what we are planning for the future. In the past week, I have had the privilege of talking about the topic of data-driven innovation, and got to share my thoughts with other European actors in the industry. I had an exciting conversation with Alibaba and a Spanish bank, the former providing global platforms for data surveys and the latter being at the forefront of the digitization of its banking business (especially payments). It was a conversation where Swish could share insights on how we, by using tools such as machine learning, can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and customer needs and thereby enhance the customer experience of our product.
Last Tuesday, I also got the honor to talk about Swish at an event with partners working to enable digital receipts. In this case, our partners and we collaborate and experiment on how Swish could be a place for gathering digital receipts, given that the purchase was paid with Swish. Partnership collaboration is an important part of enabling Swish in several technical environments and for simplifying for users and companies to get started with Swish when signing an agreement with their bank.

Before I finish our first post here on Swish Stories, I would like to take the opportunity to express our joy from yesterday’s Sustainable Brand Index Awards. Swish was named Sweden’s most sustainable digital brand according to the Swedish people. Incredible! Welcome to read more about the price here .

Finally, I hope you are curious about reading more about Swish. Here, my colleagues and I will share insights, news and trends spottings weekly.

/Anna-Lena Wretman, CEO

April 5, 2019